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Anaktuvuk Pass

Anaktuvuk Pass Adventure

Season:   June - August
Destinations:   Ancient Mountains, and Arctic Tundra, far beyond the Arctic Circle


  Fairbanks at 7:00 PM
  6 hours
Price:   $529 / person

Tour Highlights

This is one of the most remote regions in the world; uninhabited except for the small Nunamiut Eskimo village of Anaktuvuk Pass. These people are one of the last groups of True-hunter-gatherers in the world to settle in a permanent place. Ancient mountains, Arctic Tundra, Eskimo culture, come together for a truly memorable Arctic Journey, far above the Arctic Circle.

The pass at Anaktuvuk is a unique arctic ecosystem, bounded by the Gates of the Arctic National Park, where glacially carved mountains rise 4,000-feet above a broad tundra valley.

Located in the northern Brooks Range at the edge of the Arctic Coastal Plain, this strategic pass is a major migration route for 450,000 Barren Ground Caribou, the largest caribou herd in the world.

The visit to Anaktuvuk Pass is a walking tour of the community. Guests should wear comfortable walking shoes. The distance is not far; however, the surface is uneven gravel
Brooks Range

Meals are not included

Reservation Requirements:

  • Name of each guest

  • Individual body weight of each guest

A deposit of 50% is due at the time of the reservation. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the tour date. Full payment is due for any reservation made within 30 days of the tour date. Credit cards accepted are Visa and Mastercard.

100% refundable if cancelled outside of 2 days prior to the tour date.


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